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Outdoor Cooking Louisiana Style (OCLS) is your one stop shop for outdoor cooking equipment, propane burners, crawfish cookers, crawfish pots, turkey fryers, turkey pots, fish cookers, fish fryer pans, and outdoor cooking accessories,  plus all the Cajun food mixes and seasoning you need to make it taste just right.

Outdoor Propane Cookers - Propane Burners

King Kooker Outdoor Cookers

King Kooker Replacement Parts

Bayou Classic Propane Fish Fryers

Bayou Classic Replacement Parts

Complte Crawfish Cooker - Crawfish Boiling Kit

Crawfish Cooker - Crawfish Boiler - Burner - Pot

Includes propane jet burner, 80 quart aluminum crawfish pot with punched aluminum basket and lid, 36" seafood paddle, 64 ounce container of dry seafood boil (sufficient for 1 sack (1 pot of water) of crawfish), 5 - 16" round seafood serving trays, and 1 Basket Buddy (basket handler).

Fish Cookers - Fish Fryers

Fish Fryers - Fish Cookers - Propane Fryers

Additional Info

We carry a wide range of fish frying rigs utilizing outdoor propane cast burners with aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron pots. Check them all out!

Turkey Cookers - Turkey Fryers

Turkey Fryers - Turkey Cookers - Propane Turkey Fryers Kit

Additional Info

Find a turkey fryer to meet your needs. Portable propane burners with matched 26 and 30 quart turkey pots in aluminum and stainless steel. Includes turkey lifting racks, hooks, and thermometer.

Turkey Pots and Accessories

Turkey Fryers Pots - Turkey Cooker Pots

How large a turkey pot do you need? A 26 quart pot can fry up to a 16 pound turkey. A 30 quart turkey pot can fry up to a 20 pound bird. You will also find turkey lifting racks here and punched baskets for your turkey pot (to boil seafood with your turkey pot)

Outdoor Propane Burners

Propane Cast Burners

Outdoor Propane Burners - Propane Cast Cookers

Additional Info

We carry an assortment of portable outdoor propane burners with 54,000 BTU/hr cast burners - Model 86PKT shown above includes 12" deep fryer thermometer

Propane Jet Burners

Outdoor Propane Jet Burners - Propane Jet Cookers

Additional Info

When the job requires a lot of heat really fast, you need a jet burner. Check out our assortment. The Model 9003 includes 12" deep fryer thermometer

Boiling Pots - Crawfish Pots - Stock Pots - Frying Pans - Outdoor Cooking Accessories

Large Aluminum Boiling Pots

Large Aluminum Crawfish Pots - Seafood Boiling Pots

Additional Info

Aluminum seafood & crawfish pot from 22-120 quarts. Each crawfish pot includes lid and punched aluminum basket

Large Stainless Steel Pots

Large Stainless Steel Crawfish Pots - Stainless Seafood Boiling Pots

Additional Info

Stainless Steel stock pot from 22-80 quarts. Each includes stainless lid and stainless punched basket

Fish Fry Pans - Frying Pans

Large Aluminum and Stainlee Frying Pans

Assorted aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron fish frying pans. Each pan includes strainer basket.

Deep Fry Thermometers, Injectors, & Other Accessories

Deep Fryer Thermometers, Marinade Injectors, Turkey Lifting Racks, Crawfish Peelers

Cajun Food Dry Mixes - Cajun Seasoning - Crab Boil

Cajun Land Brand

Cajun Seasoning

Cajun Seasoning, Crawfish Seafood Boil, Fish Fry

Cajun Seasoning, Seasoned Fish Fry, Complete Seafood, Crab, and Crawfish Boil, Blackened Redfish Seasoning.

Cajun Food Dry Mixes

Cajun Land Brand Dirty Rice

Gumbo Mix, Jambalaya Mix, Etouffee Mix, Dirty Rice Mix, Red Bean Mix - you add water, meat of your choie, and in 30 minutes you can be enjoying delicious tasting Cajun food.

TankSetter - by Duke Creek Outdoors LLC



New for 2008. This is a must have product for anyone using or transporting portable propane tanks! This handy device provides a safe, practical method to keep tanks stable, upright, and off the ground.

Owned and operated by Copes Louisiana Lagniappe LLC

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