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Crawfish Pots - Seafood Boiling Pots - Large Stock Pots

King Kooker Crawfish Pots

Bayou Classic Seafood Boiling Pots

We offer a wide range of large aluminum and stainless steel stock pots for use in boiling crawfish, boiling seafood, or cooking large pots of jambalaya or stews. The 2 questions you must answer are "what size pot do I need, and should I purchase aluminum or stainless steel?"

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Aluminum is a better conductor of heat than stainless steel, therefore not as likely to create "hot spots" if you are trying to simmer or slow cook with your pot. Some manufacturers attempt to compensate for the lack of heat distribution by sandwiching an aluminum bottom between stainless sheets. We do not carry this type stainless pot. The stainless pots we sell are solid stainless steel.

Stainless steel is much more resistant to discoloration and corrosion than aluminum. A stainless pot will remain new looking much longer than an aluminum pot. Many commercial operators prefer stainless since appearance is important in a commercial application. Although stainless is more resistant to corrosioin, if an aluminum pot is properly cared for and cleaned thoroughly after each use it will last many, many years also.

Aluminum is much lighter than stainless and if handling a large pot is a concern, then aluminum migh be a better choice. Even though the aluminum pots have a greater wall thickness than stainless, they are still lighter than the equivalent stainless pot.

Stainless pots are more expensive than aluminum pots.

Ultimately only you can decide if stainless or aluminum is the correct pot for you. If appearance is paramount, then stainless is certainly a good choice. Is it worth the extra cost? You decide.

Large Aluminum Stock Pots - Large Stainless Boiling Pots

Aluminum Crawfish Boiling Pots - Punched Basket Included

Aluminum crawfish pots - large aluminum pots - seafood boiling pots

We carry a wide array of aluminum pots, from 22 quarts to 160 quarts. Pots include punched baskets for boiling seafood and lids.

Stainless Steel Seafood Boiling Pots - Perforated Baskets Included

Stainless Crawfish Pot - Large Stainless Stock Pots

We carry a wide selection of stainless steel stock pots, including punched basket, and lids for your personal as well and commercial application. Long lasting, durable stainless pots are a lifetime investment.

Stainless Steel Stock Pots - No Perforated Baskets

Large Stainless Steel Stock Pots

We carry 36, 44, 62, and 82 quart stainless steel stock pots by Bayou Classic. Vented lids included. Perforated baskets sold separately.

Stainless Steel Perforated Baskets

Stainless Steel Perforated Baskets

Long lasting durable stainless steel perforated baskets. Designed for use with the Bayou Classic 36, 44, 62, 82, 102, and 122 quart stainless pots, but can be used with any suitably sized pot.

Aluminum Bayou Classic Boil Steam Fry Pots.

Fry Boil Steamer Pots

Aluminum stockpots with steamer baskets. Boil, steam, and fry with the same pot. Basket sets 3" above pot bottom for steaming.

What size pot do you need? That depends of course on how you plan to use the pot. If you plan to boil an entire sack of crawfish at one time, then an 80 quart is needed as a minimum. For smaller family gatherings a 40 or 60 quart would be sufficient. For simmering pots of jambalaya or stews, even smaller pots might be appropriate, depending on the size of the crowd you are planning to feed.

A bigger pot than you think you need is usually a good choice. Eventually you will have that event requiring a bigger pot and it will come in handy!

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